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InfoWorld spotlights Liquid computing: The next wave of the mobile experience

The traditional enterprise workflow is ripe for huge change as the focus moves away from working in a single context on a single device to the workflow being portable and contextual Infoworld: Your computing life began with a single screen. Today, you probably have three to five screens or more: a work computer, a smartphone, multiple home computers, maybe a tablet. Soon, you may add a smartwatch and a new wave of mini-devices ushered in by the Internet of things. With this multiplicity, the idea that you have a “primary” device slips away. Instead, the heart of your compute experience…
September 22, 2014
NewsWeekly Trends

WebWizards® Launches In-Person App Assistance.

WebWizards Network’s Certified Ground Support Pros Provide Personalized Assistance With Social Media; Mobile Apps; Browser-Based Applications and Web Presence Services LOS ANGELES, CA – WebWizards® Network, Inc., a full-service Internet education and support company, today announced the launch of the company’s innovative in-person Internet and mobile device support service. The company’s Ground Support service is borne out of the WebWizards philosophy that Internet users are better supported when they are shown how online applications work, face-to-face, be it Facebook, iTunes, Google Hangouts, Amazon, eBay or hundreds of others. The WebWizards service provides a network of young Internet professionals across the…
February 9, 2014

Mobile And Web App Technology Customer Service

Easing The Mobile And Web Application Technology Curve: A New Paradigm For 21St-Century Customer Service In the beginning of the Internet era, the PC reigned supreme. As the desktop publishing world, and the transition from typewritten documents to desktop-created documents grew, the technology consumer became familiar with a world that relied on offline and online applications. PCs and ISP subscriptions were sold side by side, in a glorious period for all companies tied into this massive technology shift. Businesses and consumers now were connected, with a greater understanding of how the browser could change their lives. Suddenly, consumers had a…
August 1, 2013